What are the 10 dances? – Theatrical Dance

There are nine, the ten are:


Caravelle (from the Caravelle Ball in Madrid)








What about the song selection?

The whole cast and crew and the audience vote on which songs to play in the opening and closing scenes!

So, who decides on these songs?

The cast of Mozart

The musical director, Antonio Carlos

The actors (in order of first to last)

Nancy Meyran, Joanna Balducci, Ani Sosa, Maria Grazia Marchetti

The producers, Mario and Paolo Barletta

The casting director, Antonio Carlos

The music composer

Maurizio Bellini

In the first film, the score is done by the famous composer, Maurizio Bellini. Here he performs his own compositions, one for Mozart (Carissa), two for Rachmaninoff, and one for Debussy (Bela); all of which he has written over the years.

We are happy to share some of his recordings!

More music can be found in the following links, or on YouTube, iTunes and other music video streaming services.

For more information on all the composers that have contributed and produced music to this film, check out my website, here.

So, are the songs the same as those performed in the film?

The songs all are from the classic piano trio series of the late 20th Century, with a focus on the baroque works of Johann Sebastian Bach and Haydn and also many recent compositions inspired by classical theatre, film, pop music and even world music; like the songs from Les Miserables (by Paul McCartney) and The Phantom of the Opera by Robert Lopez. In the film, they each have their own specific characters, which will provide a lot of variety and fun, and create a whole new layer of dialogue and dialogues. We’ve also created a whole range of unique music from each of these composers, so the actors in the song can feel like they are starring in an original piece.

The main difference between the songs and those in the film is that they are all done in modern settings, with the most recent

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