What are social dances and dance mixers? – Social Dance Tv Salsa

Socially dance (aka “dance” or “boutique”) bars are generally open to the public during social hours and are typically frequented by a mix of members of the public and local residents and staff of various clubs.

Generally, mixers are not for any one particular group. They generally serve alcohol and are not intended to be a place of worship and do not have to have religious content or lyrics.

Mixer bars are open from 6 AM – 12 AM, and from 6 PM – 8 PM every day of the week

Usually, social dance bars are open for the public during social hours. The most common time of day it typically runs from the early morning until the evening. The establishment may close its doors an hour or so before closing in order for patrons to get there before its closing time which is usually 8 PM.

Mixers typically offer a selection of beer, beer/wine and/or liquor and usually have a few more “party” features for which they charge a regular drink special.

Mixer establishments are the latest wave of social dance bars

They have an extensive beer selection

They usually serve a varied range of spirits including champagne or imported alcohol

In addition, social dance bars have an extensive menu of more “traditional” drinks that include beer, wine and/or liquor. Social dance bars usually open at dawn and close at dusk and generally have a limited selection of alcohol and no alcoholic snacks. Many bars do not include a menu in the form of the typical ‘hot, cold and/or lukewarm’ drink menus.

In many places, they offer a large selection and often are open from dawn to dusk

They are typically open during the daytime and close at dusk

Usually, bar staff is very young and young people who are well-intentioned in their choice of drink will be found in these locations and the most common bar staff will also be young

Most mixers have several different services and are often known as “mixers” or “boutique” bars

Generally, they usually offer a large selection of food and alcohol

Mixer bars usually feature live music and often are known for having live DJ’s

In some social dancing places, mixers often feature some kind of outdoor area for enjoying the weather after a long day of social dancing

Mixer bars are typically open for people of all ages

Mixer bars generally offer varying degrees of alcohol and food options

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