What are popular social dances called? – Types Of Dance Theory

 You know who is most popular in the ’50s and ’60s?  The Beatles, the Spandau Ballet, the Tijuana Brass…and the dancers…most of all The Spandau Ballet! And as with any of my other dance charts, you’ll find the same for Spandau Ballet, Tijuana Brass, The Beatles, and some of the other well-known dancing styles. I want to give you a few things. First, this isn’t just a dance for ’70s hipsters.  It’s a dance that’s been popular for more than 40 years and has grown over the years to be a major force in the dance world.  It has even been a major force in the entertainment industry, with both television and the movies. I know the name of the dance and its history as a popular dance, and I also know much of it already.  For example, I know the name of this movie…the original Spandau Ballet.  I didn’t know that the Spandau Ballroom at Lincoln Center was called Spandau Ballet until I went to my first Spandau Ballet performance last week. And what about the name of the music?  I thought I knew it pretty well – if only because I’ve been a fan of The Beatles ever since I was a kid.  And if I only had to point and click on the music, I would have.  Not only that, but I’ve seen the video on YouTube, and seen that some of the Spandau Ballroom performances are actually live, as well as the ones here. I know most of the important dance styles in the world.  But then I have to mention the two that I haven’t discussed at all – The Barenaked Ladies and the Vaudevillians! As I explained in the introduction, some of the best dance styles are known as “the barenaked ladies” and “the vaudevillians”, so what I’m doing is trying to learn some of the best dancing styles in the world from the barenaked ladies, and the vaudevillians, and some of their more recent dance styles from both sources.  For example the Vaudevillians, whose dancing style came very close to the Spandau Ballet’s at its peak. I know who the barenaked ladies are – they’re the ladies in The Velvet Underground’s band,

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