What are all the different types of dance? – Social Dance Lessons Near Me Couples Resorts

The different types of dance, that’s the question, right?

MARK: Yes, the dance.

CECIL: All right. So the different types?

MARK: All right. Yeah, I mean you’re just a dancer. You’re a dancer, you’re a dancer, you’re a dancer.

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CECIL: You’re a dancer.

MARK: Yeah, there you go. You’re a dancer.

CECIL: Yeah, it’s called dancing, so yeah, you’re dancein’

MARK: That’s all I think about you

CECIL: No matter what.

MARK: Yeah right, no. Well that’s kind of a thing. Now, you know how I feel about talking to people

CECIL: Not necessarily, but you get the message across. So that’s good.

MARK: That’s, uh, good. So uh, why do you think you’re attractive to women? Do you believe that women are attracted to dancers or that that’s just your particular set of qualities?

CECIL: Yeah. If anything, I believe that my personality and my physical attributes,

MARK: Like you’re really nice? Yeah?

CECIL: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah and I have a lot of confidence

MARK: So you’re really confident in your personality?

CECIL: Yeah I am.

MARK: Okay. And you think that you have confidence?

CECIL: Yeah.

MARK: How do you put it? Do you feel that you’re confident or have confidence in your personality?

CECIL: I mean what’s the word?

MARK: You could call me confident?

CECIL: Oh, yeah.

MARK: Yeah.

CECIL: Yeah. And I get that confidence in everything that I do.

MARK: Okay, just so we’re clear, you know, I guess it’s really just about the person at first. Um, do you feel like it was sort of a process of uh – in the beginning, or just going through the motions, and then in later stages, was it something to do with having faith and being in the moment or was it just more of a sort of gradual acceptance of who I, you know, was and

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