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Most of the dance you will learn through your DJ class will be movement. Movement is so much more effective as the dance moves.

Why did you choose this type of dance for your classes?

I’ve always had a love for movement and music. As a DJ and musician I’ve been playing every instrument in my body; vocals, vocals and drums in different styles and styles. This way I can focus more on the music and performance.

What are our DJ courses?

The course that got me started in music was in my second year of college dance class. Although the class didn’t have any music I just got to dance and I fell in love with it immediately. After that the classes I took from other people became the ones that got me into music. I then switched to classes teaching dance. We focus on all sorts of movement!

Why do you charge $80 an hour for your classes?

There are many things I love about DJ’s. One is the fact we can play any song on demand, we’re almost always playing some variation of the same music and we are never alone. We have all the technology that you would need for any other dance. We are able to play music that’s never used by other people and we can add or remove songs at our whim. A DJ can do all this with a little additional training.

What do you play, how can I get one?

We have three different dance classes, one that teaches movement, our dance class teaches movement, and other classes have DJ’s playing music in the background.

Why don’t you have a dance department?

It would have helped to have dance departments, such as our class at the University of California or the ones at many colleges. When it comes to dances and music students can go to the dance department of their college, there’s something about the culture of DJ’s and music we all know. DJ’s can get away with many things as there are no rules to their show, people like the DJ are always making music and doing the things they love.

Are you in the music business?

No, not in the sense that I’m in the industry, but as a DJ. I started DJing when I started college. I’d been using my DJ skills as they were developing with some of the students. It was only when I was studying for my MCAT’s that I realized what I really wanted was to be in the music business.

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