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I’m just putting this here to make it clear, but don’t go over there and say it’s not socially appropriate or that Waltz makes you feel uncomfortable.

A.I is probably more than a little bit “I’m so cool!!!” on some level, so if you’re doing something socially embarrassing, I think it’s a much better way to proceed than having a long discussion about whether or not Waltz is socially acceptable.

D.C. is in a very unique position on all of these types of issues. The District has so many unique issues, and this one is probably the most unique in that when you come to D.C., there is this idea that, “Hey, we like Waltz, but we don’t live there anymore and we don’t have a good relationship with Waltz.” There’s this idea that the best use of money that you can make is with Waltz because it’s something the District knows how to do. So, I think that you take that idea and you push it on the rest of the world, and that’s something that we’ve been talking about and just using and going about it in a totally different way.


A.I.’s music is full of love and hope for a better world. Would you ever have a “Waltz song” for the Waltz campaign?




If that were to happen, what style of Waltz would you like to see in the campaign?


A kind of a pop song. Like, you know, like “The Waltz Song.”


What were your thoughts on the Waltz video?

I loved the whole song. I thought it was very clever. I think that you could probably write, “You know what, I’m going to say [tongue out and finger drum].”

I love that they used the Disney voiceover. I love that they made it feel like a pop song in a Disney way, and I love that they really, really worked on the melody with that voiceover. It was a really funny and really exciting video, and it worked really well.


You’re on Twitter. Do you like that?

No! Seriously, I don’t care about Twitter. If you’re having that conversation — like it was a fun moment! I know we put you in the situation

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