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No. Waltz is a very traditional dance from Europe and was not introduced in the U.S. until many years after the death of Walt Disney himself. Walt was a good, kind, gentlehearted person, and he loved to dance with his family. He had a very fine sense of composition, the way he moved the body, the subtle movements throughout the night. But Walt was not a social dancer; he knew the importance of dancing and what it meant in a public gathering.

What is the significance of Walt Disney’s singing voice?

As a result of Walt’s unique combination of voice and dancing, his voice has become an emblem of Disney World. Walt’s singing voice has been recognized internationally because his unique combination of songs, his singing voice, are so memorable to people. Walt’s voice as it relates to Walt Disney’s films is not something you can simply hear. It is something you feel. You can just hear it in the music of the film.

Is Walt Disney the most popular animator?

In the early years of Disney Animation Studios Disney was not the most recognized of the major animators. They were very new to the business and they were trying to make a living — and they weren’t paid very well. But the popularity of Disney cartoons grew and became such that Walt Disney was paid well to do much more at what he did.

What do the movies have in common?

Disney’s films are not a typical family drama. They are not really about childhood. Disney Animation is about friendship, family, faith — and the story is about people and their relationships.

The films have been called classic children’s cartoons, such as the classic Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. What made them that particular?

Snow White and Sleeping Beauty have very similar stories, but that is by design. They are children’s stories which reflect the experiences children are living in these very different times and they are the stories each person tells to him or herself.

Snow White is, after all, about an old girl who falls in love with a beautiful princess. When she sees the ugly prince she is very upset. The first time she sees him she is terrified. Her life is turned upside down. The story is based on the experience of parents experiencing the same feelings — and both are about the experience of losing something they love and want more than life can provide.

Snow White is told from the point of view of the prince because he, too, lives with this

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