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Hip hop music, dance & culture will make the world a better place.

I love our new music, all over the radio, TV and websites. It is fun and creative as well. I’ve been listening to hip hop on the radio for a long time and it is always nice to hear a new song. People love a good hip hop song. It takes some creativity to make it unique and great. They just have to understand what works…I love the energy they have going and it is a good place to put music. We need to be more creative as a society and the hip hop can do a great thing for this country. I think the people of America are fed up of drugs, violence, racism and the lack of morals in the world. Let’s find a way out of their mess. The world is looking at America and their problem is very easy to solve. A lot of hip hop artists are trying to help. I love the music and I think people can learn something here, even if it is as simple as having a friend over or just asking a few questions about how the world works.

Do you believe that hip hop music is a music of the people, or the people are the music of the music. Is Hip Hop a movement or a lifestyle or culture. What are your thoughts about your music coming from a white female perspective?

I believe that art, music, and other cultural phenomena have been and often continue to be produced by men and women from different socio-economic backgrounds because they all love art and want to share it with others. It is very important to me to see the connection between the people who make the music and the artists who use the music as a means to express themselves. This has always been Hip Hop. Every culture has its own language, religion, clothing, dance moves and so many other things they all have in common. So do I use the word culture, this is the way it is always being done. Hip Hop is the best, most enjoyable way to make the world a better place.

Can you tell us anything about the newest song “Wyclef Jean”, about what you really think about Wyclef Jean and what you think is wrong about what he did to Freddie Roach for a hit song.
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I’m going to make some remarks about the song we are discussing right now. I love the song when she says “Wyclef Jean” (pronounced “yew-LEH-jeeh”),

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