Is hip hop a social dance? – Functions Of Social Dance

It is. Hip hop is the most social and democratic dance that we could possibly conceive. I’m not here saying that it is a good social dance, because it doesn’t have to be a great dance! It takes all kinds of people to make a good dance!

The same is true for any dance. But we do not have to choose. If we want to, we can pick and choose any kind of dance we want to have, then make sure that we dance our dances to what makes us happy. If you prefer classical or modern, or any other kind of dancing, then I think it’s absolutely fine to make that choice. If you prefer salsa, karaoke, jazz, then go for it. If you want to be the most creative and unique human possible then go all out. But if we want to embrace that very social and democratic nature of us with our chosen forms of dance, then I absolutely think we should consider that maybe, just maybe, they will make it through, because if you look at the history of the movement, it has always had to contend with some very tough circumstances that have been there from the very beginning. When we try to take it back to the beginning of dance, that has always been really difficult.

What about women’s dances?

There are certain places where you have to have your own little little thing and some women have certain things they do in their own individual ways. What’s great about feminism is that when we work on what are the things the women have to teach us, then we begin to find ways to integrate them in the movement. Because it’s really important that you listen to our own bodies and understand how our body works and the other bodies that we have in our movement. That way we can come up with all kinds of ideas and ideas you wouldn’t understand anyway. You might be a dancer but you certainly don’t understand how to get in that specific place.

I think that’s an amazing thing, which is one of the important things we are trying to work hard at: to teach young women that their body is more important than what they think of themselves as being. So when we are getting them on stage in those styles, and then if something happens during their performance, we want to hear something about where their body has gone wrong or where they have missed an opportunity.

What kind of feedback would you get?

The amazing thing is that some of this feedback has been extremely positive. We’ve had all sorts of

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