Is ballet a social dance? – Living Social Dance Lessons

Perhaps. But for me, there is something very powerful about it.

I can imagine a time when I could be a dancer and still have the ability to tell my life story with the confidence I had when I was 12 years old. I could tell tales of my journey from childhood to adulthood through the art of ballet. I could have someone listen. Someone who would understand. How I was raised, why I left home and why I am so proud of being an American.

I’m not sure I would need anyone to hear it, or even that they would understand. But I know I’d be proud of it.

As for the dance itself? It’s a wonderful thing to do. Even those who may not be in a dancing class have no problems with this.

Even if you love being the center of attention, if you could make people who aren’t dancing feel that special joy… this would be amazing. It would be just that much more precious.

A woman and a young child were found dead and two more were found unconscious inside their apartment near the Texas State Capitol on Tuesday evening, authorities said. The two survivors were transported to John Peter Smith Hospital in Austin, then to University Medical Center Brackenridge in Sugar Land and later transported to Children’s Hospital of Texas.

Family members identified the victims to KVUE 13 as 36-year-old Lorna Johnson of Houston and 8-year-old A.J. Johnson from Austin. The father was listed in critical condition late Tuesday night in Brackenridge. The other survivor had less serious injuries; he is listed in stable condition at Children’s Hospital. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Police said the bodies of all three were discovered after the family arrived home Monday night.

A man was at the home alone at the time of the investigation.

“It appears to be a case of child abduction related to the mother and the father,” said Dallas Police Capt. Victor Senties. “We do believe they know each other.” Senties declined to provide further details, citing the ongoing investigation.

Johnson and Johnson’s husband were found missing Tuesday afternoon when they arrived home only to find their children missing from their residence.
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Houston Police Department Homicide Division investigators said in a news release that the men’s bodies were on the first floor of an apartment complex, but had not yet been brought to the scene. They were found with both hands up on the ground in a bedroom and

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