How does dance impact society? – The Definition Of Social Dance

What can it bring to our social life as people?

There’s nothing like being on stage being yourself, and to me dancing is like taking a snapshot of your life. Dancing makes you feel good on a physical and mental level. People will think you’re smart for dancing or having an adventurous spirit because it seems to be something you do for a while and then you stop and think ‘why am I doing this?’ Sometimes I even forget it’s dance as I go and then do it again.

Dance brings out the best in people and is an equal opportunity tool for all people, men and women. It gives me the opportunity to meet a bit more people, meet new faces and meet someone who is going against the stereotype that women don’t like to dance or they don’t enjoy dancing.

When I look back in my twenties I was just dancing like crazy, but my lifestyle changed and was transformed by dancing. When you are young in the music world you are surrounded by music, films, magazines and everything going on in music. As people get ahold of you you do more thinking about what you’re doing but when you are in the dance industry your lifestyle starts to change.

The good thing about being an artist is you can change your appearance. When you have a great dance-floor performance, you can change your look dramatically with lots of things you can do to your makeup, and maybe your hair and nails too. I don’t think the fashion industry cares as much, so this is why you have the artists who change their outfits a lot and get into crazy outfits that they think, ‘Oh I should wear this’. But they don’t really know how they look and the clothes they wear will change over time.

It is a way to explore the ideas behind what you are doing. The people who are performing do not necessarily know what they do. They will just go on stage and do their very best every night and hope for their next performance. It keeps the pressure off you and it is a way of making people think about you as an artist – you really do change after a great performance.

How are you finding time between your work and playing the guitar?

Being busy with my music helps me have that focus and to keep me focused. To keep being able to perform you also need the ability to play the guitar well and this is the same for people with learning disabilities. Because the guitar players take such a big role in our lives this makes everything so easier.

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