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Our work also addresses the effects of physical movements on children by examining how children experience and use dance, their attitudes to it and any health and social benefits derived from their experiences.

In particular, we look at:

How children move and how they use dance to manage pain or anxiety

How children think, feel and perform dance

What the children and their families say about dance and dance in the workplace

Our research, which uses a multidisciplinary approach, is based on more than 25,000 interviews and thousands of research papers. We have established an international network of colleagues with expertise including:

Physical therapists

Social workers

Developmental health researchers

Medical experts


Law enforcement and police-reform researchers

Health and social workers

Our work has been recognised by the Royal Geographical Society and received funding from the Government’s Childminders’ Training (CMT) Programme.

Dr Susan Green is a Research Fellow at the Children’s Society.

Further information

We can arrange a telephone consultation, for an adult or child, for an interview with an expert. Contact for further information can be made by email at: [email protected] or by telephone on 0800 805 6096. Full details of our work are available on the Childminders website. For the public at large, visit, or follow them on Twitter: @YouthLivesmatter.

Find out more about the work of the Children’s Society, including our key research and our award-winning research programs.

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