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Dance has no negative impact on society, but is beneficial if people learn to express themselves well. For example, it can help people to learn to sing, dance, or sing and dance in unison, which can help a musician to be more effective in the business world, especially when he or she is attempting to be more marketable.

How do you view this year’s dance competition?

I feel bad for those participating, though. They worked hard just to qualify for this challenge. Their hard work got them to this milestone. I’m looking forward to the next challenge. But I don’t want to go into more details now! 🙂

Please tell us about your role as part of the competition.

As the head choreographer, it is my primary responsibility to make sure that the contestants understand all the rules and strategies of this challenge. I also work with the judges to ensure they are able to make quick and accurate judgments on choreography. I’m also a consultant to the contestant who is participating and gives them some advice as I’m doing so. I also work in a lot of the public relations aspect of it and answer their questions. I’m also a part of a community effort to provide information on the challenge and what it’s about.

What was the hardest challenge for you?

The most difficult problem for me was always that the judges were not as understanding or patient as they could have been, even though I was being an active participant. A real challenge also was when I got to speak at the competition and asked people not to judge dance by the judges’ judgment and instead to simply look at the dance to determine if it was good. I’m really proud of the judges this year, and the fact that they are all working hard in trying to make it an easy dance as opposed to someone who is actually trying to dance a hard dance.

What advice can you provide to aspiring dancers?

Don’t get discouraged! It takes a lot of work to be as good as a dancer. And if you’re struggling, remember that it takes lots of hard work to have a good dance, too. I always encourage people to work on their dance, work on their fundamentals, and work on developing a good level of motivation for dancing. I hope they will learn to have a better relationship with their body and to practice what we call “progression” – working through some of the basics in their routine before moving forward to the more advanced sections. We believe that we’ve

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