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We like to work out how our routines work, how to develop good skills together, and then to dance to a certain tempo to show all of this to our friends and families.

How big is your studio? Do you have a full-sized dance floor? What is your most popular dance? (We all love the Hip-Hop Hip-Hop Dance and Hip-Hop Jazz Dance, among others.)

Our studio is small, but we dance around 3 times a week. Our studio is located in the same building as our rehearsal studios and the local dance studio. Our dance floor takes up one side and is divided into several areas called “seats.” Our studio is only 7’6″ wide and our dance floor is only 6’8″. There are many other dance studios in the metro area in a larger space, but our studio is small and cozy. It is also in a small place on the south side of campus which is really convenient to our home, the apartment.

What is your favorite thing about performing ? (There are so many things!)

My favorite thing to do is to learn through the experience of having an audience, and so it is my best, and my favorite, skill to learn, is to be the center of attention. I also learn through the feeling of people dancing with me. This feeling gets me excited. And even more than that, I like having people on my side, and enjoying them in a playful, positive, joyful way. My favorite part of my performance is seeing them really reacting when I give them a little something, and getting excited when they come over to me. It is really exciting. Having the support of friends who are there for me is really the best feeling in the world. And, of course, dancing with people, and knowing that I am making them feel good and making their lives better. Also, hearing your friends having a good time makes it all worth it, and I feel like that’s hard even being a musician, especially for the people I am most passionate about and love to be with.

What is your favorite part of your job? What you get to work on each day?

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