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There’s not any real science to the question. It’s purely anecdotal. There are hundreds of thousands of people across the globe who are getting more and more creative and happier each day. How can dance help you mentally?

The first thought of my mind when I think of the brain’s pleasure center is to use music. The brain is very good at taking pleasure from just the surface. You’re looking at it. Everything comes from what you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Music is one of the places in which we’re able to tap into that part of the brain more easily.

There are ways that dance music can help to calm you down or improve concentration. Many of our emotions are triggered by music and if we can tap the brain’s pleasure center that helps to diminish our nervousness and makes us more relaxed.

I’ve seen some other research that shows that dancing, and dancing in general, can increase your levels of oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone that is produced by the brain during social interactions, such as with babies watching a parent dance. Once you see someone doing some dance there is that reward and if you are feeling good, that will go down. It will be in the brain the next time you see someone do something, it will become more potent. Once you get up and do the activity, you get that same high.

Dance also helps people have more sexual experiences, especially during the period of the first dance or second dance. This is something that a lot of other forms of dance do not do, they just increase your excitement level.

Music is also a fantastic tool to help treat depression. There is some research that shows that when they are listening to music, people are more open feeling. They tend to feel happier in general. They see things more clearly because their bodies are more relaxed. They often are feeling more positive and they are less anxious.

There is also some research that says music is one of the best tools for promoting physical health. When you dance, music is something that’s stimulating, it’s moving and it’s an energizing activity. It improves the body’s ability to work.

It has been very interesting to observe how dance music can improve brain function. Music has a variety of good effects on the mind, but it does not help with anxiety. If you use music to help you relax, it can do much more than just to help you feel better.

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