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It’s not. I didn’t draw them. I just took the pictures. Footage of feet! There wasn’t a problem with the feet.

The feet are there for two reasons. One, they’re the primary subject of this site, so I didn’t want anyone being distracted by a foot. And, two, they’re always a great excuse for some light fun.

What’s the secret to great foot selfies?

What can I say, my footy heroes are a bunch of amateurs. This particular session was mostly due to me just sitting there smiling for hours (as opposed to taking snaps of some of the more advanced foot fetishists out there like me!)

Including a few feet-related selfies in your repertoire will do wonders for your own confidence.

Why is that?

My own personal advice with regards to this whole thing is that when you’re in a bad place or unhappy in your life, don’t look down on people who get a boost of confidence with their feet. It’s totally normal and healthy to be inspired by your feet!

And if someone tells you you really look like an asshole, you know why. And yes, the reason why is that it looks fucking awesome.
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You’re a supermodel. No one would say that. Yet do you think your feet look even remotely professional on the surface?

When it comes to a great looking pair of feet, I personally believe a foot that’s in good shape is the key to good foot look.

Is that a no-brainer? If not, I’d like to know.

Foot Fetish Tips

Here are some of the best ways to enjoy the magic of these feet that I’ve come across, and I highly suggest you go and experiment with some of them yourself.

1. Find a friend, a stranger, a pet, a neighbour, somebody. If you can’t, have someone put them in their shoes. I mean, who knows what they might want it as a gift.

2. Have fun and let people know you’re into it!

3. Wear it to the shops and if someone asks how they look, smile. Don’t just be shy.

4. Have someone take a picture. It takes you off your mind. This is why!

5. Put them to bed.

6. Don’t be shy. Show them the same respect that you’d show someone about

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