Who has the best photo prints? – Passive Income Stock Photography

As an artist, I always look for the most vibrant colours and textures in your prints! They should be interesting, fun, dramatic and expressive! It is my job to keep the colour dynamic and the texture interesting and moving.

Is there a particular print that you think goes best with all my artwork?

You would have to ask yourself: is there an image that can go with a print I am creating and then you add it to your collection? It’s your artwork and what can be made is what can be desired!

Is there one piece that you make that you always remember to add to your collections when you are travelling?

We do not have specific photographs to make prints with. We work with a lot of different themes and this is what the inspiration is. The result is a collection of images and prints that would complement any kind of decor.

Who has the best photography on your website?

The beautiful people on and about my website! I always find inspiration in how they interact with their surroundings. I feel a lot of people on my site are looking out for me and help me out by giving me new ideas, suggestions and advice.

What do you love most about art on a computer?

I really enjoy the fact that I can create with digital and get my idea down to the last detail. A computer allows me to bring my design to life with real movement. I have also found it to give you flexibility to see your design in different settings, from day to bed. And having so much freedom to express myself through design makes it that much more special and beautiful.

Do you like to go all out in your art?

Yes, it is really very important to me! I enjoy doing a lot of things that would give you a bad photo, even if that is not what you wanted: I love my colour and texture and I like trying a lot of different shapes. You can always make something beautiful from a bad photo.

If you had the chance to pick a single photo that your audience would be most impressed by, what would it be?

There are lots of great examples of photo prints on my portfolio and from my own portfolio. I am not really sure what would entice them the most and what would be a favourite in terms of art? We could also just take the one picture that we like, and then add something else that was a big hit with us? That would be an awesome way to do it 🙂

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