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The photo of the day goes to this photo of a white man wearing a bow tie, standing at a desk, smiling at a black girl. That white man, we’re told, was Richard Spencer, the white supremacist who became the editor-in-chief of the white nationalist outlet Breitbart and became a prominent member of the white nationalist movement.

So if the White House is trying to prove they don’t have a racist cabinet, here’s its best evidence that it has one at all.

A group of Canadian athletes were caught on video beating a black woman while in Japan, and then calling the woman names in a vulgar manner while other members can be seen laughing about it online.

The video, which was posted on Youtube, shows several American skiers fighting each other in the resort of Osaka, Japan and then cheering each other on. In the video, some athletes appear to jump on one another’s backs to celebrate scoring during a race.

One of the athletes in the video, Jesse Sjoberg, posted an apology on Instagram, writing, “I will never celebrate the way I did today. I took my hat off to those athletes at the end of the race and their ability to overcome adversity in the face of such incredible competition. I am very remorseful.”

Sjoberg, a member of Team USA, posted the video and wrote, “#NotYourShield and I’m not saying any disrespect to your team or race. I have no beef with Japan, just saying they were a little aggressive today,” writing #NotYourShield.

The video shows one athlete who is clearly the aggressor. Two seconds later, the same athlete who was in front of Sjoberg goes for his back and Sjoberg immediately jumps up and catches him at the knee. Sjoberg is seen laughing, and the two guys in front of him appear to also laugh.

A second athlete is seen at the side of the video shouting something to the end of the athletes and trying to stop them in the middle of the race. Sjoberg catches a portion of the video and shows some of the words that were said. The skiers then start to laugh.

Sjoberg added, “Let me be clear, I was going to be the aggressor at the 1st hill climb but I was told there are other more skilled athletes that can beat me at that part. So I said a few words to a skier and just to

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