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The location of Ka’ahe was a surprise for many Hawaiians, as he was a monk at a remote location on the Big Island. He often went to remote locations and made a living selling the meat they produced.

Did Keh ever return to the Big Island, and if so why did he not stop eating human flesh?

Keh returned home to Hawai’i in 1774 after some years there, and was the first in history to attempt a voyage across oceans. He sailed to Madagascar on the second attempt, and returned. During a trip to Tahiti in 1776, a shipwreck was discovered by a sailor who had been traveling alone at a very old age. Keh found the body of a man, which he identified as his father, and had the rest of the crew to return to Hawai’i. While on their way to Hawai’i, Keh had an epiphany. He realized that he did not need to make a voyage across the Pacific Ocean, as there were other ways to bring what he wanted to Hawaii from Hawaii. He decided to return to the Big Island, and work in the sugar fields so that he could become rich enough to bring as much rice to Hawai’i as possible. At first, Keh worked alone for two months, after which he and a handful of people would work together to bring rice to Hawai’i. His first harvest was of some 2.1 million pounds of rice and other food, of which the remainder would be donated to the Church to be used by its missionaries.

Is there any evidence behind the legend of Keh who was “the first man out of the water”?

It has been said, but cannot be proven, that the story is the product of Keh’s wanderings and encounters (as seen in the above). There are also many different accounts, in each one differing somewhat in detail, regarding the time he was lost in the ocean and how to reach where he thought he’d reach. Many different accounts of such journeys are found in the book (the book of Ke’ahe) as well.

Doesn’t Keh claim that God sent him to Hawaii to start the Hawaiian sugar industry in the first place?

The legend was created by the missionaries for propaganda purposes, and the missionaries were the ones behind creating the story. The sugar industry was established in Hawai’i long long ago, and the idea of Keh coming to Hawai’i to begin the sugar industry is a

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