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“We’ve always been big on social in our music, and we’re really big on social in this one,” says co-songwriter, guitarist and original bassist Ben Black, who’s also played a significant role in the band’s live show. “The thing, of course, with the touring band is, we don’t really have the luxury of time and money to do things on Instagram. So, we’ve kind of had to be creative with it instead. We don’t want to just be another band.”

A Facebook page for the trio has generated 1,400 likes since its launch on Saturday.

The trio, which hails from Saskatoon – the capital city where the band first broke out in 2009 – met while in high school in 2013. Black and bassist Justin Bebchuk have a history of touring together, having played for bands such as the Killers, Barenaked Ladies and Stereolab. “Me and him, we all went to the same high school, and we became really close at the show,” says Black. “We were still in high school, and we went to see the show, and we just immediately got into it. You know how in some bands the people that play sound check aren’t the most experienced people at the show? We just weren’t there. But, we were very, very tight and it turned into a really good friendship.”

Black joined Bebchuk as a member of the Killers in 2014. The band won two British music awards that same year after receiving Best Rock Group for their hit single, “Do The Evolution.” In between, they toured North America with Stereolab. But, in early 2015, the duo began focusing more on music, with their debut full-length, This Is What Makes Us Different, hitting store shelves. “I went up to my room and wrote a few lyrics,” says Black. “I sent them off, and I had nothing to respond. My friend was like, ‘You just wrote a song.’ And I was like, ‘What the …?’ I didn’t even know what a song was, I’m writing songs.”

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After a few months away, Beb (currently based in Los Angeles) was back in Saskatoon, and joined the band. After a series of tour dates, including stops at the Rogers Centre in Vancouver and the Paramount Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri

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