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Is it to deliver beautiful, professional, engaging designs that communicate a company’s message, or to create them, for the designer’s own pleasure?

In the modern workplace, the design of the workplace is being taken more seriously by all levels of organizations. In fact, in 2015, more than 50% of managers said their top priority was designing for work, according to the study by HR and IT management consulting firm IHS Worldpanel.

More and more companies are hiring designers, and they do it with more importance than ever. According to a 2014 survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group, 57% of survey respondents said they were planning to increase their employees’ role as designers.

The study found that companies that spend less on marketing tend to increase their productivity by 12 percentage points. But the amount of marketing budget is only one aspect of whether a company produces high quality work.

The second most important factor is a company’s culture. A design culture promotes communication through art, and that culture is becoming more important as designers reach their peak in their careers.

“I think designers are more successful if they have a culture where they are challenged and challenged by their work,” says Christopher Wilson, the director of research and consultancy at Cincy Design Alliance, an industry group in Memphis that includes design agencies such as Turner, VFX, Aveda, and HOK. “When you’re challenged by your work, it forces someone to learn new things. People grow when they’re challenged.”

Wilson says that a design culture encourages collaboration and challenge, and adds, “A designer’s job, really, is to push the envelope in terms of how creative they are.”

Designing for work can also help to strengthen a company’s reputation in the eyes of its customers. For example, a designer might have built a successful business by creating design for a business, creating a client-focused identity, and building a client-centric culture so that business owners trust the design.

It’s a lot like designing a client-focused service to a client, or a designer might have created a successful business by designing for a client. Designing for clientele means the company shows that it is serious about its work, and can be sure that the customers will be satisfied.

And there’s another important aspect that makes a design team’s work more successful: it’s the work that’s most rewarding.

“Once a design is approved by a client, the designer should focus on creating the work

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