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At some point, the majority of your work will probably not be worth anything. You would say, but what about the great artists you love? What was it they did at different points in their career? Did they make art for the sake of making art?

I think the answer is, at some point, that artistic work is just something I don’t know about anymore. Art is now a means of communicating to the world.

In this case, people are not waiting for artists anymore to tell them all about their life story. They are actually taking that information and making things.

How did that happen?

That’s one of the beautiful things about the Internet – I don’t think any other medium did it. It’s like a huge collective of people on Tumblr who are giving a voice to people. No other media ever had that experience. You don’t have to go to Times New Roman and use every word.

Have you found that new voices that seem more authentic?

Yes, yes and yes. But when you go to a gallery where people pay for art for themselves, this is not that. You’re paying for art for others. It’s not about the artist making art for their own enjoyment – as long as they create something for other people to experience as well, they’re totally fine with that.

People who think that it’s about being good for them, are missing out on the great work of the past. You don’t need that level of quality to appreciate art. You don’t even need any skills. Just find a hobby and enjoy it.

As a photographer who does a lot of traveling, how do you feel about how much money is spent on travelling to photograph in the past? Have you had any complaints about the money that photographers have to spend doing this?

There are so many ways to make money. It’s difficult finding a way to make it all work well for the photographer and not just one part at a very cost-conscious level. Even when you take an image with a huge budget, you’re just making things yourself or you’re working on it. That’s very different to doing something with a small budget.

On the other hand, it’s not like photographers in the past did it for the love of photography. They did it for work and money. For the first years of going into photography, I spent a lot of money as a way to make a living in the industry.

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