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Creative retouching is used by artists to bring characters into life. There are two types of creative retouching:


This type of retouching is used to make an artist’s character more visible. This type of retouching isn’t as common as the other types of artistic retouching though, and it doesn’t have as many results.

For example, if some character is wearing a bow tie, it might be painted onto a piece of clothing, like a cap, to make it that extra bit more visible. However, most other character types are pretty much the same when it comes to their appearance.

This type of artistic retouching is not as much in demand as lighting. However, many creators use it for specific types of character, such as characters with short hair or women. It can also be used to cover up wrinkles or dark circles under eyes.

It can also be used to make characters who have been painted over look better compared to the original character.

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Hair, skin, hair and eye color

Hair: One of the most common areas for creative retouching is to remove hair that the artist has added. In most cases, the artist will add a thin layer of paint to add hair to the previous character(s) when the original character has the appearance of a balding man.

Skin: Usually, skin has to be taken as the original character had been painted over. If the original character isn’t bald, skin will have to be painted over with a coat of color to resemble it. The color of the layer added will vary depending on the exact appearance that the artist wants the character to have.

Hair: Another very common area to make modifications occurs with eyebrows. This is also sometimes referred to as hair color (sometimes also refer to as color). Hair is typically added on top of hair that has already been painted.

Often, the hair itself is added so that the hair falls straight down, without any hair flaps. Because of this, people who have naturally curly hair tend to have hair that is thinner and lighter in color than those who do not.


In this area, the artist will paint nail polish on top of the character, usually a nail polish with a glossy finish. This is especially common in anime, or characters with very high eyelashes (such as Handa of Fate Stay Night). Sometimes, the artist will paint nails on

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