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A retoucher will remove any unwanted photos from your Flickr.com account so that you can better manage and maintain your content – your galleries and your posts.

How does a retoucher work?
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Retouchers are people who look after you, their users. Our retouchers are trained to recognise your profile profile, your images and your posts – and make them perfect. They don’t just ask you to delete your Flickr photos – our retouchers carefully consider and remove any photos that have been posted before. They also ensure that your galleries and posts are up-to-date, by automatically detecting duplicates and marking them for deletion.

How do they do this?

We use machine learning algorithms and deep learning to detect and eliminate duplicate/deleted images and their metadata. We recommend taking a look at some of the images from one of our retouchers to help you understand the differences.

Why do they recommend retouchers?

If you’d like to see and work with one of our retouchers, we’ve created a list of our most recommended retouchers.

How do you rate users?

When you upload a photo to your Flickr account, you’ll see a percentage score on each image – from the 0% – 100% for the most popular images.

Each image is assessed based on several factors – quality, relevance and size. When we’ve finished rating an image, we will contact you to discuss how our ratings can best be used to help you improve your photo management, curation and marketing online.

How can you see your scores?

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