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What do artists do?

How do students learn about design?

What are the most powerful graphic design skills?

How do companies use graphic design?

The course will be a mixture of lectures and hands-on activities, with a focus on design theory, presentation, and critical thinking.

The course will take place entirely online, with lectures presented live on Skype, and a number of interactive activities available for those who have a strong interest in graphic design.

On June 16th, 2012 the government of Russia’s “anti-terror” operation in Chechnya, Operation Grozny (Grizzly), began. The operation was the Russian government’s first attempt to crack down on freedom of speech in the Russian region of Chechen Republic. As stated previously, the entire operation resulted in at least four civilian deaths, and at least 1,600 people were estimated to be detained during the operation.

On May 31st, 2012, the Russian Parliament agreed to hold a full trial of those responsible for the armed separatist violence committed in the region. On May 31st Russia’s Federal Court of Justice rejected the appeal filed by the defendants’ lawyers. The Federal Court ruled that the prosecution was not based on the facts of the case and that there were enough evidences to meet a “criminal intent” requirement.

On January 10, 2013 Russian authorities announced that Operation Gubarev – a “civilian conflict prevention and security operation” – had ended, although some of the detentions of prisoners that were held during the operation remained.

The following facts about the operation have also been presented online by the human rights organization Global Witness:

On July 7th, 2012, Russian soldiers allegedly killed a civilian during a clash that resulted from the start of the operation. Chechen residents reportedly claimed that Russian soldiers started the violence that resulted from the beginning of the operation.

Following the incident, Putin ordered the immediate cessation of the operation.

On July 10th, Russian troops fired warning shots into the air while at the entrance to the village of Dushanbe, where insurgents were attempting to cross the border. In retaliation, Chechen villagers returned fire at the troops. As a result of this encounter, at least five people have reportedly been arrested, including a Chechen resident who allegedly attacked a Russian soldier with a rifle that belonged to a Ukrainian military unit. In addition, a Ukrainian serviceman was reportedly wounded.

The soldiers’ actions were reportedly provoked

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