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They create stories! In a story, an artist will use their skills as an artist to create an image or a story, and in turn, this image or story will become available to the reader.

Creating graphics is a natural continuation of the story making process, where storyboard artists and illustrators make visual representations for storyboard artists to help them understand the story. In this way, storyboard artists make a more complete picture by creating illustrations that are also a means to understand a story. However, storyboard artists are a very individual practice.

Storyboard Artists – Background

In the United States, visual storyboard artists (or storyboard artists) are also known as illustrators. An illustration is a storyboard produced and used to describe the scene that is to be illustrated or described in the story. The term storyboard artist is also used to describe any individual who works on a storyboard.

As the art director, your job as a storyboard artist is to organize and design a storyboard for each story. It is your job to ensure that the entire storyboard is complete and correct and that the artist will be able to accomplish their task.

Storyboard artist jobs include:
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Creating original illustrations to be used by the storyboard artist

The storyboard artist must be able to create visual representations of an outline of a piece of artwork. If the storyboard artist has a limited background in comics and illustration, they may not be well versed in creating artwork suitable for comic strips, and may find this art process a bit intimidating.

Storyboard artists who are well versed in comic strip art make their own illustrations that are suitable for the storyboard artist to use. Storyboard artists can utilize a wide variety of tools including pencils, pen and ink, color inks, pencils, and markers.

What are the different styles of storyboard drawings?

There are various styles of storyboard artwork.

1. Original Storyboard – The storyboard artwork created by the storyboard artist represents the entire image of the story. The artist uses the full width of the illustration to create one complete picture.

2. Storyboard Artwork – A storyboard image is created by the storyboard artist that is used to describe specific areas within the story, such as characters, locations, objects, and environments with a specific set up like the opening and closing of a book.

3. Layout Artwork – This is sometimes referred to as a ‘

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