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What about every other month? What’s even the point in going through all that? The best way to fix that is to download a free trial in which you can check out all the features. Of course, you need to check it out because of this, then download the trial on the next available day, but once it’s installed you’ll have full access. It might not be monthly, but that’s not a bad thing in the end. And now I won’t have to have a huge fear of getting rid of all my images!

5. What about free trial programs?

No, I won’t go there, not with a software like Photoshop. You know that one you used to download and put on your phone? It’s probably there. You can’t uninstall it!

In the case of the Macs, you’ll probably get the free trial with their first purchase, on the second you’ll get a full purchase and you won’t want to use Photoshop anymore. If you buy a Mac Pro but delete the free trial you get the Pro for only a few bucks (you’ll know then because you need to pay a few bucks to upgrade).

A trial in Adobe Lightroom makes no difference.

Now on to something I’ve never tried before; free online editors like Fotor and Inkscape. It’s not exactly easy to use for me but it’s pretty cool and has some cool features: import, cropping and scaling, effects, editing tools, fonts selection.

For a while I used Fotor to draw comics in the cloud and it’s a great one. I would recommend you check it out before purchasing a professional editor.

If you’ve tried inkscape and you want to try to use a pro editor, you can’t do that because it’s not a free editor. A pro editor might have a little more features than a free one.

6. How can I learn other software from this blog?

To learn something new you should read everything here. That’ll take a lot of time and you shouldn’t pay money for it.

Do you like it? Are there parts I missed? Do you have any questions about it? I appreciate your comments, questions and feedback.

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