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“We are a growing industry in terms of people taking photo opportunities. I had a lot of fun [on this photo shoot] – I’m glad that I don’t have to live anywhere that’s not the United States, since I would be spending so much time in front of a camera,” says Burdett. “I was thinking about how to represent the ocean in my final submission, as I feel like it has been overrepresented in the media, but I hope you’ll understand that that’s just my way of expressing what the water represents, as if you were looking at a painting. In one word, the ocean.”

How much of your time is spent photographing in Hawaii?

“It’s actually really cool to travel, especially when you’re not home, it’s so easy to just stop and travel!” says Burdett, “You’re working from the comfort of your home in the States.”

How did you start photographing in Hawaii?

“I started photographing people as a hobby around five years ago: surfing, diving and beach volleyball, before that I was photographing some of the surfers for the surf magazine. I met Sean Jones, a surfer and photographer, at a party in the ocean on Maui – he was really cool, and he ended up giving me a job, which in turn got me in the field.”

How do you feel about surfing in Hawaii?

“I feel that surfing, at best, isn’t allowed in Hawaii, and at worst, it’s an act of violence. It’s too rough, I’m scared of people getting hurt.”
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Where else do you like to travel, and what would you recommend people do to get outside of the local area?

“One suggestion is to go to the islands where the wind is really strong! It’s not about surfing, it’s about being outside in the wind. You have this great sense of freedom and being in nature, you really see things differently and it’s really cool. That’s a good thing, I think. In all honesty, though, a lot of these places are very expensive. As someone that’s living on the west coast, I definitely don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a trip to the west coast.”

What are some of the reasons you travel and where do some of the places you travel fall into?

“I travel for all the same reasons I was born and raised, so I’m

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