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Here’s what some of the top photographers have to say.

“If one is to follow their passion and do some good, then good is the aim. For photography there is an inevitable clash between the creative and the commercial, especially in the world of digital photography … It seems a lot of photographers, who love their profession, are too involved in their jobs. It is almost as if they are more into the business than it is. I don’t think this is correct and it is a difficult dilemma.” – Robert Cialdini, The New York Times

“It’s important that photographers are aware of their impact: what they are capturing. They have to know what inspires them and what doesn’t.” – Robert Molaison, The Sunday Times

“This [Photography] industry is becoming too corporate or too corporate-heavy. It’s got all these corporations that have come to dominate. And it’s not for the photographer; it’s got the commercial photographer in mind. The people who are out there on the street getting a photograph for the Wall Street Journal, they are not photographers. They’re taking pictures of the big corporate guys, and they’re really putting a big commercial focus on them.” – John Galliano

“There is a kind of self-indulgence in the business. The photographers need to become more creative … They need to have a very keen observation … the way they take a photo is what they can do with it. When they start the business of photography you would have thought in fact that it had been built around taking pictures,” – Jeff Kowalchuk, The Seattle Times

“Photography is not a business … It’s an art of expression.” – Robert Molaison

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Best Photojournalists

“A great photographer is always taking pictures – it is what he does. There is a difference between taking a picture and photographing and being a photographer. A great photojournalist is a master of that.” – Robert Molaison

“A photographer should be able to take pictures. The pictures he captures are the pictures he makes.” – Michael Moore, CNN

“As a professional photographer, as long as you’re able to take pictures, you’re a ‘good photographer.'” – Terry Richardson

“I wouldn’t say it is easy to become a

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