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Of course! And that’s why I’m writing this article.

While I never considered it an important degree, I think a degree in photography would allow me to work in digital photography or as a professional photographer (not to mention some fun hobbies that I’m looking forward to) as a way to keep a little income when I have none. I’m sure there are even photographers out there who can see a future with it, and I’d certainly consider that as well.

I’ll continue on to some of my other favorite college degrees, but in the interim, I’d really like to hear more about what you think of this blog article.

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Ticketmaster is taking the Internet by storm with the release of its iPhone app which allows “fans” to buy tickets for shows or concerts, or even have them printed on paper tickets if they prefer. It’s basically the modern equivalent of putting all your credit card details on a receipt printed on the back of a receipt.

Now, it might be an exaggeration to say that Ticketmaster has taken the industry by storm, but its move is significant in at least one regard. While the technology could easily be applied to a wide variety of online venues and ticket sellers, the main attraction for ticket sellers is the fact that it allows them to take advantage of the most active and motivated part of their customer base that’s willing to spend a little bit of money on the technology. This is important because as the Internet becomes ever more ubiquitous and the economy is in the process of turning more and more into a service-driven one, it’s unlikely that ticket sellers will do much work to adapt to the world of the computer or the mobile app.

Ticketmaster’s move certainly offers a huge advantage to those selling physical tickets at the gate or for events, but it’s a small benefit from the standpoint of the technology being used. For both of these reasons, it’s not likely that ticket sellers will switch away from print-on-demand for most of the next couple of years unless there’s some dramatic change in the industry. That makes the app and the accompanying iPhone app pretty remarkable. I’ve used Google’s services (and they really suck right now, but hey, I was paying $3 a pop for Google Calendar) several times, but the app has always impressed me as an experience that doesn’t simply sit behind the desk. The user

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