Is it worth getting a degree in photography? – Can You Still Make Money With Stock Photography

Yes, absolutely.

And if you want a job without having to do any research, or for people to believe you’re just getting a degree for the money, that’s okay too. But know that when you’re talking jobs, having a degree is a must, and if you fail to understand what you need, and don’t have an idea how to accomplish what you claim in your job description, then it’s going to be difficult to get the job. I would recommend doing an internship with a company that does a lot of things that require you to be able to teach yourself, because that will make your job search and job interview more effective.

How is photography relevant now that Instagram is so big? As of 2015, over 85% people use Instagram on the internet every day. Even the most hardcore of Instagrammers, those who use their account to stalk celebrities in their personal feed, use Instagram to track their food, watch and engage with the Kardashians, or to send gifts to their significant other every day, use Instagram as a way to stay in touch and see where their friends are, see where their family is, where they go to school, and see what their favorite brands are. Instagram has been growing at 10-14% month-over-month for the last two years.

How has the medium changed? Like, since you graduated, how have you adjusted? I’m sure you’ve thought about that! If you think about how Instagram has changed in terms of demographics. If you think about the fact that in 2014, 80% of all images on Instagram were selfies. In 2015, that number has dropped down to 50%. The main reason is the fact that people use hashtags and likes more, and Instagram has gotten more popular with that, but also because Instagram can do more than just post pictures to your timeline.

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There have been other changes on the way too, so that people’s stories are being told, stories that are personal to them. With Instagram Stories they’re able to tell their own stories, get that personal. I think it’s because it’s more social, more social-like. In 2013 the biggest complaint on Snapchat was that it wasn’t a Snapchat story. Now that the idea for Stories has been introduced, it’s not that people don’t like Snapchat but that they don’t like the Snapchat stories. Stories are more social, they allow you to do things that you couldn’t do before.

There have been other changes too, so that people’s stories are

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