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If the photos were taken in a car in a parking lot, how much would my insurance rate be?

I have a few cars: a 2011 Acura iMi, a 2014 Hyundai i30, and a 2013 Volvo S60. Can you give me an idea of the amount of money I will spend on each car each month?
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I have been driving for a few years now and while I still love the car and find the driving enjoyable I wish it was easier to figure out how much I will be spending at the end of the year. I need to know if that goes up or down depending on how good or bad my driving is. (For example, I drive extremely badly and make it my personal mission to be better soon so that I get better coverage and be compensated for it.) Thanks.”

“I just recently purchased a car from a company. Does the company accept cash payment as its an insurance company? Is there a limit for the cost of insurance?”

So i purchased a car from a company called Insurance company.The insurance was only $2000 to the name and I got it for $2200. I need the cost after all my expenses. I want the car and the car has to be registered in my name. Is there a limit to the amount of finance (in this case, cash) I can get? I could also get the car registered with my name but that cost will be much higher and I’d have to get a 2nd car. Thanks!”

“How much insurance should I buy for my car?”

After I passed a test in April of this year, I was told I had 1 year to pay my auto insurance premium. If I had it now, I would have paid $1270 and my insurance would have been around $2000. This is on top of the estimated total of $2000 I would have paid a year ago. My car is not a new car so I do not qualify for any discounts. So what should I do from here? If the estimated total is still within $2000, I should be able to get rid of the car and get a newer one.”

Can I sell my Subaru Impreza for less than my auto insurance?

I need to sell my Subaru from the dealer i bought it from a little over 6 years ago, and my insurance does not change in that time. My insurance agent is asking me how much money is left in the account as a pre-sale amount, and my car has

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