How much money can you make selling photos to Shutterstock? – How Many Stock Photos To Make Money

Sellers with $600,000 or more in annual sales receive an invitation to Shutterstock’s “Sell Previews” event. At this event, participants can preview and purchase photos and/or images at a discount off of wholesale prices. The event is held monthly.

Who is the winner of this year’s Shutterstock auction?

The winning photo will be featured as the winner of the 2016 Shutterstock auction on Flickr.

How do I enter the Shutterstock auction?

Send an email to, stating that you are a winner in a different event.

What is the Shutterstock auction schedule?

The auction begins on Sunday, May 1, and is open to entrants who received an email confirmation with their winning image. Each event is on a different date.

How do I know my photo has been featured in the Shutterstock auction?

To be recognized as a winner of the Shutterstock auction, click the “Congratulations” button when viewing your image in the Flickr Album.

Do I need to be registered on Shutterstock before entering the auction?

Registration is not required to enter the Shutterstock auction. However, it is strongly recommended that you provide a valid email address. The auction data is stored on our servers. While this does not provide us any specific data to identify the winner, it will make it easier for us to provide updates.

How can I cancel my registration?

Once you’ve entered the auction, you can cancel your registration by logging into our website, clicking “My Account”, click “Cancel my registration”, and then clicking “OK”.

I want to be more involved in the auction. What other actions can I take?

If you’d like to keep up with all aspects of the Yahoo auction including updates, news, and other interesting news, sign up to receive an email notification via email at

Can I participate in the auction even if I’m not a winner or the winner has selected me as their entrant?

Yes, you’re invited all on your own. To be eligible, you must be the winning entrant, and you must be one of the two winners in the same photo. After this process is complete, your photo is publicly available and will be displayed at the end of this year’s Flickr auction.

Can I participate in the auction even if I receive an email confirmation about the auction?

No. Once entered in the

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