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This is a complicated question that I think we don’t understand completely. It turns out that there are a variety of factors that make photographer pay different amounts for the same shot. If you work in a professional sense, it’s usually not a good idea to ask your photographer for a specific number and/or type of photo. If you are freelancing, it may be a good idea to ask the photographer what prices you can expect and what it will cost for your particular photos. We’ve never had a situation where the photographer said that she wanted a certain amount of money for every photograph. There is not a set amount you can ask for and no “solutions” for this. I always just say, “Well, it depends. But let’s find our sweet spot.” We also try to be reasonable with our fees. If you are very particular and ask for too much, they may say no and I don’t like that. If you want a very specific amount, that is OK. I always suggest that if you ask for an unusual amount, you should make it more specific than a simple dollar amount because a lot of photographers are willing to offer less.

I’m assuming that you’re doing this with clients. What else can you do to make AP photographer pay your commission?

In general, we don’t make our photographers pay our commission. If a photographer will be doing a shoot with AP and they need some money somewhere in their schedule, they let me help them find clients elsewhere or they ask for a raise. If a photographer is doing a job outside of AP and they find money in the schedule, they can ask me to work with them.

If they need to pay you, then let me know, and I’ll help you find other freelancers. If you do not need to pay me, then that is great. It’s good for your morale and good for your self-esteem to be able to make decisions with the AP. We try to pay our photographers as much as possible as a matter of course.

If you can’t find a way for your photographer to pay you, what is the next best option?

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If they were a freelancer that is getting paid by a client (whether directly or indirectly), then I always let them know that we like their work and they can take my spot. I am always happy for them to continue working with me, especially if they do a good job.

Do they have to leave after the shoot?


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