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What are the advantages of taking pictures with a digital camera over taking them with a film camera? I hear a lot of horror stories of people who are disappointed with their film camera because it just does not capture the quality of a digital camera. Does your camera take pictures of the same quality as a digital camera?

I had a digital camera which became obsolete so I didn’t bother with it, but the quality was great. I took a few pictures with it and they would not have been possible with a film camera.

How do you feel about the idea of digital cameras being used as cameras for taking pictures of people without their consent?

I think the only way that people get any advantage at all from having sex with their wife is if she does not understand how sex works, and she does not realize she will feel nothing for the rest of her life if she knows nothing about sex.

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I have one daughter. She will not understand it, but, if she does not understand it, she is certainly going to have some sexual pleasure, and I want her to enjoy it and not be afraid anymore.

I have read some bad things about the camera, the camera being better than film, and about how the camera could be used to take pictures of a child. Is there any truth in these rumors? Have you tried to persuade your daughter to keep them away from her? And do you have plans of buying a digital camera?

I am not going to buy another film camera. I will just take my son with me to a hotel and have him wait at the door. Then I will get my son and bring him in a suitcase. I will use my cell phone to send him to the hotel, and he will not see me until I am in the room. He will take what he wants.

If you were a stranger coming to New York, what would you do if asked to take a photo of her?

I would run for help. She is too young for that. If she is 18, I cannot tell if she is ready for it. If she asks me, he can come and give me a shot at getting her consent or he can just take a picture of her. She will probably think it is fun. I will probably have to lie to her and find out where she is living, and say something like, “Hi, we are not going out for a while.” It is going to be difficult.

I know you have a daughter, but I

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