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If enough people are willing to pay for them, we can guarantee we’re going to make something. This does not guarantee success! We need your support to raise the funds we need to make enough prints to create a full run. The rewards for donating through kickstarter include extra print orders that can be made with new stock, and our very first batch of special edition prints will have the highest quality and price. Thanks in part to this Kickstarter campaign the cost of printing is down and everything we make will be printed on high quality paper!

Our first prints will be $30 each (not including shipping).

After the campaign you will be able to choose from 6 different print options available:

6 x 6″ (30x30cm – 6ft x 6ft) for $90

8 x 8″ (40x40cm – 8ft x 9ft) for $110 (Not including shipping)

8 x 8″ (40x40cm – 8ft x 9ft) for $150 (Not including shipping)

12 x 12″ (50x50cm – 12ft x 14ft) for $190 (Not including shipping)

12 x 12″ (50x50cm – 12ft x 14ft) for $350 (Not including shipping)

Your support helps us make more prints, and keeps the print shops alive!

The second round of the 2017 US Open is fast approaching. With $1m in the pot already up for grabs, it’s time for all the action to take a quick look back. I have collected some fun facts about the 2017 US Open from over the years, so grab some drinks before the doors open on Tuesday 12 May at 6.30pm (GMT+1).

The US Open has been a fixture ever since the first competition in 1913, with the first ever event in 1927 being a single-elimination event, held by the US amateur men’s team at the age of 20. The US Open has had an odd history in 2017 with it having gone through three different names – the US Open at St Andrew’s, St Andrew’s Open and the new US Open. In 2008, the final event was moved to a more modern facility and the name was removed. A more contemporary name will be announced at a later date, but for now the title should be taken as ‘the US Open 2017’.

The first US Open to be held at the St Andrews Club was held on 9 May 1928. The tournament

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