How do you copyright your photos? – Making Money From Shutterstock

If you’re using your photos on an image-hosting website or a site where you submit a request for a derivative work, you can set up a separate copyright page or a web hosting account that gives you the right to authorize the use of your photos on that website or site. These are more often referred to as “intellectual property rights” because it involves making your own legal claims to the rights to the originals.

What do you get out of using image rights?

The most common thing you can do with image rights, as with any type of intellectual property, is to create an interactive content experience. This includes anything from a page that displays your photos on Wikipedia to a web site for artists to showcase their work.

In both instances, an image-hosting website or site is providing a platform for other users to make use of your photos as an interactive website.

It’s also common for online platforms to sell access to your work and to generate revenue for you. For online platforms where image copyright applies, the image is sold, the license fee for the license is sold, and any other fees that may be due to you are distributed in other ways, such as a promotional program where your image is displayed as a way to promote a particular platform or service.

In some cases, you will also have a number of options available for how to deal with the copyright infringement that is occurring on your images. For example, you may be entitled to sue for compensation for use of your name and image.

It might be a better idea to consult with a legal professional as you plan and implement this strategy.

In any of these situations, a website can take the following steps to address the infringement:

Submit an infringement notice to you with information including links to the photo’s website (if it’s a photo you’ve posted), a copy of the photo itself, and your website and the images used to create it.

Enforce intellectual property rights by holding the site that used the image to account for unauthorized use of your images and the violation of your rights.

If you would like to explore the rights that would allow you to reclaim your images in one of these cases, the Copyright Office has created a comprehensive glossary of copyright law on our website.

As you might expect, there are some important rules that apply to any content that uses your photo. The first, and most important, rule is that no part of your image may be used by any

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