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It is possible to sell to Adobe stock from within Adobe Illustrator CC/CS6. In Adobe Illustrator CC/CS6, Adobe Stock has a “Buy Now” button which is used to place the order for stock.

In Illustrator CS3, in order to sell stock you need to go to the “Articles/Stock” section and create an article for this product. When placing the order, it will ask the seller who was first to place the order to supply a description. If no description is provided, the order will not be placed and we will send you a notification stating why (e.g. a stock sale is on hold until we can create and ship a description).

Once your order has been placed, be sure to pay the order as the stock price will automatically be applied to the price.

When placing the order, be sure to include the details that will be displayed in our system. These include how large order should take to be shipped, order tracking number, shipping address (street/city/state/zip), any additional shipping information (e.g. tracking number), and any other necessary shipping information (e.g. type of mailing, shipping address). Note: When the order is completed, there is a 5 business days for the package to be delivered.

Once the stock is available, check on the status of your order by going to the “Articles/Stock” section of your account and clicking “Stock Status”. Once stock is selected a new page will appear. Under “New” is what type of stock is available.

A stock request will be opened. It should show an order type which is either stock, order, or “Signed for”, and when that order is placed, an order should be placed and shipped. The order processing time at the top of your window will show either 1-3 weeks or less. A stock status page will also be open.

The stock request should include an estimated release date. This is so we can confirm the date you requested the stock in advance. You can use the stock release date to set your initial purchase price.

Once the stock is on its way, shipping your order will be a one time cost (the cost of shipping the order to you).

When placing the order, pay attention to what shipping address the order should ship to. This is critical. We are unable to make changes or change your shipping address based on an “Order by Number”. So

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