How do I sell photos to Shutterstock? – Taking Stock Photos

What formats should I list them in?

For any photo you’d like to sell via Shutterstock, you need to contact them directly. They will send you a contact form (see below) as well as some information that needs to be verified before you can proceed.

What are some things that should be done when taking an image?

You should create a PDF version of your shot for the site in case they make changes to your photo (be extra careful with the black and white versions). They also allow you to upload files (PDF, JPEG, PNG or TIFF) into their database (so they can check how it compares to their reference photos).

What can they do to help you along the way?

You can provide feedback to help them make an assessment about your picture and if possible let them know why certain image features are important to you in order that they might make suggestions for improvements.

Can they help me with the copyright or licensing issues, or can I leave those up to me?

No, you can’t contact Shutterstock directly on copyright, and it is not clear how the site might respond as to license usage. You have to contact them directly first (although they may tell you to do something), and if that is not possible, then you probably need to seek legal advice.

What should I do when I receive a request for my photo?

It generally takes 3 to 5 business days from when you contact them until you have a response. For some requests, some images will take slightly longer, and others you can start receiving images from the next week.

Can I list my image in “specially-requested” or “restricted” sections in places like Flickr or Facebook without asking for permission first from Shutterstock?

Yes, you can. These types of sections will appear below a photo’s picture, listing the restrictions that it was designed for. The restrictions are a combination of photo types and copyright ownership, with restrictions on content of the picture, its image, and its description.

What should I do when requesting a license request?

There are two methods you may request. To begin with, you need to take a number of photos of the license request or licensing requirement image and upload them to our Flickr gallery which we are constantly adding new images to. For those, you can then send us your license request. This is the “first step” of taking an image request, and will most likely take about a week from the time

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