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Are you looking for freelance photo editing? Here’s how to get started…

Step 1: Identify client needs

Let’s start with your client. In this case, I’ve identified the photo editing company I’m working with.

So, what kinds of photo editing needs do the clients have?

I think the most common are things like:

Adding/removing text on images

Matching photos to text on social media

Adding/removing text to photos, videos, and graphics

You can see a sample of my client’s business here. I’ll be using a combination of text, text-to-speech, and image manipulations.

Step 2: Create a workable timeline

To get a snapshot of what your client is looking for, create a workable timeline. This will allow you to quickly outline the changes you want to make.

We’ll be using a simple template, but you’re welcome to modify the timeline as necessary.

Step 3: Get your client on board

Let’s start by getting you on board with the project. Here’s what that looks like:

Step 4: Ask for feedback
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Once you’ve finished adding/removing text, audio, and visual effects, it’s time to ask for feedback.

As a general rule, you should only do this if you really, truly, really need to.

For example, if you’re adding a layer mask for a portrait of a model, you can easily create this layer mask easily using the tools shown here:

Step 5: Submit your work on photo editing platform

After you’ve finished testing your work, you can upload it to your preferred photo editing platform. If you need to upload a work to your own platform, then do it here: Photo editing platform.

Step 6: Learn how to get noticed

If your client uses the platform, make sure they are aware of what you’re doing. They should see your work and be interested in finding out more about it.

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