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A small sign on your phone or camera that says, ‘Don’t share’ should go a long way. And you have to be sure to include what’s considered fair use, which is the kind of use where someone else could use the pictures. If using a copyrighted photo for commercial gain, you may be able to use the photo commercially as long as the image is not altered in any way. If you choose to include someone’s name and likeness in a business advertisement, however, the law says that the information can’t just be an advertisement alone. Instead, it has to be part of that business’s offering too. So a poster on a coffee shop menu has to include a logo to show that the coffee shop is a Starbucks, for example. Another example is when photographers work for companies who will make a photo available for their websites but have a copyright to it. In those instances, the images can’t just be on their site without the copyright holder’s permission.

How much does copyright infringement cost? The law doesn’t define that in quite that way. If you find that your pictures were appropriated without permission, you might find it easier to find a lawyer to try to work with the copyright owner. Otherwise, you’ll likely be on your own. That’s one reason why it’s important to keep up with licensing terms so you can find someone willing to help you with your case. You should ask where your pictures end up and make clear in a lawsuit that you’ve purchased copyright from someone else.

Cisco CEO John Chambers said he is convinced that the US and China will be the best of rivals in the internet ecosystem, and that it will be a win-win situation when the two countries trade.

Last week in New York, Chambers said the US should be the first partner to take a new path with China, while noting that a lot of other countries – including Brazil, Russia and Germany, were already trading with Beijing.

“China is the world’s largest consumer market. The way they have developed in the [internet] space is really important for US companies,” Chambers said at TNW Conference in Hong Kong. He added:

“They have a lot of advantages because they have the largest consumer market, as we have done with Android in the past. It’s not too long ago we had to spend $7bn to buy Huawei [in an attempt] to win that market and they are doing that because it is the right thing to do for their growth [and] the right thing for US

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