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If you’d seen our tutorial on cutting a 1/4 mile long 8×10 photo, you might think that you’d be able to just stretch and fold that long piece of paper into a photo for publication. Wrong, you’d wind up with a whole new photo every single time you cut. Why? Because we are dealing with a large number of atoms in the material, and as the atoms move, the paper will shrink as it gets less and less dense. This shrinkage has a significant effect on printing. It’s called the “shrinkage constant,” or just “constant” for short. That’s because “constant” is a common notation for something that’s hard to measure. However, we’re going to be able to get around this by thinking in terms of the “resistance of the printing medium” — the amount of force needed to stop the printing process from shrinking.

That’s where the calculator comes in. Because we’re going to be measuring the resistance of the paper itself — not its elasticity — we’ll be able to calculate that resistance from the information printed on that paper. So let’s say you wanted to print out a page of a book, and the printed pages you wanted to use were 8×10 sheets. You’d need to place 8×10 sheets all over the book, so you’d print out a very long 8×10 photo. If the paper were as stiff and strong as an 8×10 sheet sheet, theres a minimum amount of force you could put into the book to make it resist that much of these forces (like a “constant” of 3.8 m/sec — which is quite a lot). So you’d need about 3.8 x 10^17 (or 3.8 x 10^14) pounds of force to stop that printing process from shrinking.

For example, imagine two 8X10 sheets of paper and a 2 x 6, or a 4.5 x 4.5 sheet of paper. We can use this calculator to figure out what that extra amount of force would have been in order to print the entire book on a 4.5×4.5 sheet of paper. Let’s say this force works out to a constant “resistance of 4.4 m/sec.” Then you could print a 10×7 print on that 4.5 x 4.5 sheet of paper, and have a 20X13 print on that 4.5 x 4.5 sheet of paper, and a 30

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