Does Flickr own your photos? – Watch Videos To Get Money

(Probably not)

Yes. If you own a Flickr account (I’m a guest) the images you post are uploaded to Flickr.

Do I need to pay for my Flickr account or to use your photos in my products?

Not at all. You can use the photos as you please.

What happens if there’s a copyright theft and I’m sued by the photographer? (i.e. If someone uploads an image from my blog, I’m legally unable to use it; in this situation I can take legal recourse against that person and will pay their legal fees)

First of all, let me say clearly that the image belongs to the photographer. If you were responsible for uploading it and someone did a copyright theft on it, there’s almost no chance that the matter will go away. I’d prefer to deal with the issue amicably if possible rather than have this issue become a litigious one.

Secondly, if the photographer were to want to sue you for theft, he would have to make a claim to the same copyright owner. This would be almost impossible as it would be more than 50 years old.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, if someone is sued and wins a case against you for copyright issues, you do NOT own any of the rights of the image. If a photographer were to sue you for theft, the image would be taken from your server. You would never see it again.

Do you have to be a business model for Flickr?

It depends. Some businesses use it as a tool to sell advertisements or other products. If we did this, the image would not have been taken for free. On the other hand, if a business would use the image as part of a web page or other product or service, we would still be responsible if the image wasn’t properly uploaded. However we still do not condone the use of stolen images and would take action if we detected such misuse of our intellectual property.

If I take photos for an independent photographer website and I’m not the artist, do I own any rights in that photos?

Yes. You do retain all licenses that you would have if you were an artist or a photographer.

This is important. We’re professionals. We’re not professional photographers. For photography businesses that don’t make use of a professional photographer, the only rights we hold is our rights to the licensed material that we own and to the original works of art that we are licensed to

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