Does Facebook own my photos 2019? – How Do Youtube Videos Make Money

You probably don’t remember, but just a while ago, Facebook changed the rules so that if you had “uniqueness points” on your account that counted towards your Friends’ Friends’ and Family’s list, you could show photos of yourself in the social media giant’s service. For the last month, users who had more unique points than their friends or family were able to show photos of themselves in Facebook’s app, with the “uniqueness score” representing how many unique photos you had showed up in your feed.

While many were shocked by the change, a lot of Facebook customers are still taking advantage of it because, according to the news, they don’t like how they get photos of their own photos removed from their feed.

But, as Facebook’s new policy seems to indicate is going on behind the scenes, your photos are now showing up on other sites. In other words, you are also getting a bunch of pictures of yours on Flickr, with no chance to even argue over which site it came from. And just in case the “my images on Flickr” thing sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is.

What does Facebook do with the information it gets? That’s where the other major social media sites come in. Google and Microsoft recently reported that more than 80 percent of the photos they’re using come from social media sources, while just 5 percent come from their own websites. So if you’ve got a photo in a search engine, or a link you might have found online, you’re definitely showing it up for these two social media sites.

It’s kind of like a freebie for a website to show you its own users’ photos. Just don’t expect any compensation for it, though.

The news of your social media pictures appearing elsewhere was made even more interesting, because the privacy and legal implications of your posting them could be extremely interesting to other people. For example, if Facebook makes a decision to let users see their own Instagram accounts, all of your friends’ pictures might be seen too. Would that be enough to change your mind about whether it’s time to start using social networking sites in the first place? After reading all of the above, probably not.

If you want to see what it looks like when your personal photos start filtering from social media sites that are also making money from your information, then just scroll below for a very quick look at your photo. And if you’re also using the social media sites Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook

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