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Facebook is working on artificial intelligence that uses machine learning to recognize images in your photos, but the site didn’t reveal much beyond that in 2016. Read More

This is another way to have this on your phone while you’re going about your business. It allows you to share images from different places in the same place quickly and easily.

The great part? You don’t have to open a browser tab to do this – it’s as simple as sharing directly from your camera roll.

The one thing you have to do is check the settings in your camera roll to ensure that this is allowed (it might not be enabled by default).

5 Ways to Share Your Photos on Instagram Without Opening a Browser

Here are some of my favorite ways for us photographers to send images to our followers while on the go – without having to open a browser tab.

One Note With Photoshop

Here is a simple tutorial for getting your beautiful and sharp Instagram post on the screen. Follow the steps below and enjoy!

1. Launch a new photo app

Find the app, click on the gear icon (top left) and select “View”

2. Click the gear icon in “New” tab on top right

3. Use the keyboard shortcut to select “Print Mode”

4. Hit “Share” and then press the blue share icon

From this picture above, we can see that we can share to our Instagram feed using the keyboard shortcut.

Use a Camera Roll for Sharing More Photos

Another great thing to do is to use your camera roll. Simply select the pictures that you want to share via your camera.

I’ve done this before on this site – I’ve recently started using Google Photos instead of Instagram.

If you’d rather use another app, I’d recommend Instagram Stream.

If you want to make sure Instagram doesn’t intercept the whole request – you’ll want to configure your settings so that Instagram only uses the information you specify in the options.

One Note at a Time…

Another great alternative is a simple note-taking app.

For this example, I’ll be using Instatemat.

Instatemat will allow you to quickly and easily share one image to your Instagram feed from your computer.

I’ve attached it here for you.

Instatemat is very simple – just click on the ‘Share’ button next to the button below in your timeline where you can

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