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It depends on what type of photographer you are and how your passion, skillset and training, and the amount of experience you have in the field can help you choose wisely.

If you are a photojournalist or a photo enthusiast:

Photographers should get up to speed on their cameras, learn to recognize a variety of situations where you can take advantage of your camera to achieve a good image, and then build a professional understanding of how to get it right the first time.

You may think of professional photographers as being creative geeks with endless supplies of gear or editing experience at their command. A well-informed, smart and versatile photographer will use their camera, learn their equipment, and use it in a variety of situations without losing their sense of wonder.

If you are a portrait enthusiast:

Prisons and prisons are very different environments than the average working landscape photographer. It’s extremely important to know the people, places, and things you’ll be photographing and to be comfortable with the technology as well.

A strong sense of composition is extremely important for taking good photos of people who are often in situations which, while not immediately challenging, will eventually reveal the hidden secrets of everyday life and the human spirit.

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Learn to know the people, places, and things you’ll be photographing, so that your photos can be more than a collection of static images which, by nature of the medium, are not necessarily beautiful.

If you are a naturalist or a nature photographer:

A naturalist or a nature photographer’s primary concern is how he or she can capture the world through the eyes of his or her subjects.

The key to capturing natural beauty in a photo is the ability to capture a variety of different natural and human phenomena. When photographing nature you can make natural scenes appear real by taking some care to select the right subjects for their specific environments, and understand how to work with natural light.

Know what the subjects are experiencing, and be able to capture the essence of the moment in a balanced manner. You should be able to achieve realistic, dynamic, and expressive photos of a myriad of natural and human phenomena.

For more information on photography skills and training, go to Practical Photography Skills.

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