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A young black boy who died after being shot by a white police officer was not an armed robbery suspect when he was fatally shot, according to a report from the South Carolina State Journal. But his family claims he was shot because he wasn’t handcuffed, which the police contend was one of two factors that led up to his death.

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The article said that the police claim that the boy, who was shot seven times, was fleeing from the police and that he “may have been holding a pistol, not a gun,” was an important explanation for the case. A report on the incident that was released Monday afternoon claimed that officers have a “history of ‘blitzkrieg tactics’ against African-Americans” that makes them “often feel they are under siege,” but that it may have been a robbery gone awry.

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According to the Journal, an investigation by detectives revealed that the boy was allegedly carrying a gun when he was shot. The police officer then claimed that the boy appeared to be “incoherent while fleeing the officers” and that he “didn’t have a car on him,” but “was holding a pistol” at the time of his death. But the officer claimed that they’d already caught the boy on video, and they’d obtained a surveillance picture of the young boy.

In an interview Monday with the state’s NAACP, the boy’s father claimed that as the officers made their way toward him with their guns drawn, the boy began to get nervous, his hands were raised in surrender, and he started raising his hands up to surrender to officers. The boy went “way too far” at one point, and the officers were “making it very uncomfortable or uncomfortable for him to put his hands behind him.”

Police claimed that when the boy was shot, “his hands were down and he was trying to run away from them,” but they couldn’t track where he was running because he simply disappeared. He also allegedly appeared calm when he had stopped running, but then came out of the vehicle with his hands raised in surrender at one point.

When the officers eventually got close to the boy, he ran away and fell into “our custody,” according to the police report

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