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Are they considered public domain?

For the most part, most people don’t have to worry about this. The social network has made it very clear in policies from the moment you register your account, where and when you can use Facebook photos for commercial purposes.

If you are a student, college or workplace, however, the social network does not grant these rights and is not in any way responsible for whether your photos end up in the Facebook universe. They are not copyrightable and no infringement occurs under any circumstance. This means that in many instances, people can make a whole bunch of money selling their photos online, making this really interesting for photographers.

Where do photographs go after they are uploaded?

If photos are posted via a website or app, the photos are automatically uploaded for everyone’s view. This means that no one can remove these photos from the internet, even if you send your requests right away. If you want to remove a photo from your feed, you must either wait to see if they delete it yourself, or wait to post it in the future. This is important because in other apps that use this mechanism, people can delete or alter the content after they are posted, which is why it’s good to know when you get a new photo.

How is your content protected?
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It is important to make sure that when photos are shared from Facebook, they are not altered in any way. This is because people often delete their photos even if they were posted perfectly. Once you’re done sharing, keep an eye out for any editing or changes, and you can always contact their copyright manager if you need to.

How do users know the content on Facebook is theirs?

A photo uploaded via the Facebook website is posted at a point of origin. Once uploaded, photos are published to everyone’s newsfeed.

If a copyright notice is submitted, the photo is then immediately published to the News Feed for everyone’s immediate view or until it is deleted by the user. Because of this, there is no way to detect changes to a photo, either before, during or after it is posted. For this reason, copyright holders are often more inclined to publish a photo to the News Feed when someone is looking at it in question.

If a photo is published by accident, it is removed from the News Feed as soon as possible. A notice on the photo will be added to the top of the photo, which you can find by looking for a copyright notice or copyright holder

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