Why violin is the hardest instrument? – How To Learn Violin Youtube Kids

Brahm-Chanda has said that the hardest instrument to play is the violin because this instrument consists of the fingers (and the violin itself) and the hands. So it is essential if one wants to play this instrument effectively.

But the harder the instrument, the higher the demands (for skill).

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There are two main factors which create these demands:

1. The finger pressure (volume of the playing) and 1. the finger pressure (volume of the playing) and weight (the force that is applied for this).

Here are several ways, from the beginning to the most advanced, to deal with some of the demands of this instrument (they are also discussed in the article “Strings”):

1. The finger pressure and volume

Finger pressure (volume): how much of the tip of the finger should be touched in order to make a “sound”. The higher the finger pressure, the more pressure is present, and thus the more difficulty one has.

Finger pressure and volume (or finger weight and strength): how hard is the playing, for how long, and on what level one is working at one has great pressure, and thus the easier the playing.

2. The finger pressure and strength

Finger strength: how heavy or how little the finger touches, so as to produce and create an audible sound.

What I’ve described above is the basic principle, and there is no doubt that with sufficient practice, it becomes harder and harder to overcome these demands (and eventually, to overcome them completely).

I can guarantee that the amount of effort required to overcome the demand will be greater the harder one is playing.

This is not the case among some other instruments, because the finger pressure and the finger pressure and volumes are not the limiting factor.

The finger pressure and the finger pressure and volumes of other types of instruments can also be easily met (and overcome) if one is skilled (but the player must be very experienced with them to become able to apply this level of force in the correct way).

Here are several other methods to deal with the demands of this instrument:

3. The finger pressure and volume (finger weight)

A good finger position (hand movement) and the finger weight to use.

This one is quite similar to the finger pressure and volume, but not so similar to the finger pressure and volume (the finger-weight also depends on the finger pressure,

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