Why is violin the hardest instrument? – Violin Classes Near Me For Beginners

You must know, violin’s hard.

You have to play it with your whole body, while you’re at your best, even with your back to the piano.

You can’t just play a short piece and take a break, that’s too easy.

And while I’m sure it was the hardest piece by far, it is not the hardest work, it was just the longest. Which I guess is why pianists think guitar, bass and drums are really easy.

Why do some people have such an unusual temperament?

You might have a person with a lot of energy and love, while other people have a lot of quiet. You can tell if you’re dealing with one or the other temperament by how many musicians are in the ensemble: How many drums, pianos, and other instruments? And those people aren’t all in the same mood. They might have a lot of energy and love or a lot of quiet in the ensemble. Those are the different ways you can distinguish between people that have the same temperament.

How does the orchestra relate to the rest of the musical world?

It’s the same orchestra. If the orchestra plays the same piece, they are the same orchestra, but if their instruments differ, then they are different organs.

Have any of you been to the symphony?

Yeah, I know. I’m sure I have, but I wouldn’t want to perform for them, but if you ask me to play for them, I won’t be surprised if I can pull it off.

I know that’s kind of difficult to believe.

When I was a kid, my dad would give me his violin for Christmas, because he just bought it the day I turned six, and all through Christmas he brought it home, never letting me play it.

I had to ask him if I could play it.

Well, he never thought I had the chops.

When we got to the symphony, it was like I was there with my dad as the orchestra played, I had no idea. I just played with my dad when I grew up.

What were your thoughts when he played the piano solo in the finale?

A little surprised, I thought it might be easier to play like that for one person. So he left it for me to play.

You must be so proud, even though you play with him, you’re not really playing with him.

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